Clear Clutter

Only Keep what brings you joy

Are you ready to downsize but not even sure where to begin?! 

When we look around our homes to begin the process of organizing and/or downsizing, we tend to get caught up in the “what if”.

️- I better keep this just in case…..

-️ What if I need this for…

-So and so might be interested in this….

– If I lost 10 pounds and poodle skirts come back in style I would FOR SURE miss this….

-I have no use for this in the foreseeable future but I paid good money for this and I am NOT giving it away…

-If I were to just get more organized I am SURE I would start using this juicer, exercise ball, piano, fill-in-unfinished- project-here….. Old kitchenware

– I don’t really care for this,  but Grandma Beth brought this over on the Mayflower and I can’t bear to part with it….

– I will save this to sell on E-Bay, Craigslist, garage sale…….

Do any of these sound familiar?   I am sure many of us could think of other phrases and thoughts that we have heard from others,  or even from ourselves. All kidding aside, clutter tends to hold us back in multiple ways- physically, mentally, and even relationally.

First, let’s look at the definition of clutter according to the dictionary:

As a noun, it is said to be a disorderly heap or assemblage; litter; a state or condition of confusion. As a verb it means to cover or fill (something) with an untidy collection of things.

Think about this…

If you were moving to another country, what would you take with you???   Pretend for just a moment (or a day…a week…a month) that you’re de-cluttering and organizing because you’re moving someplace exotic and you only need the minimum. 🌎

We really only need the basics and the things that bring us joy- definitely a lot less than what we’ve accumulated.  So, are you ready to get started?

-Challenge yourself but keep it fun. Take a picture wearing your favorite prom dress or outfit from the 70’s. Declutter your lift

-Work in small increments of time and reward yourself often.

-Enlist a buddy.

-Make sure you take regular breaks and get fresh air.

-Take out the monetary aspect and remember that your safety and well-being are priceless.

-Allow yourself time to grieve as you feel feelings or say goodbye to items from a different time or special person.

Above all else, give yourself grace,  and remember that those we hold close,  and the experiences we share with them are way more fun than all our stuff.  ❤️❤️❤️

Ready 〰️ Set 〰️ Go!  And don’t forget to have fun!

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Will the Housing Market Bloom This Spring?

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Will the Housing Market Bloom This Spring? | MyKCM

Spring is almost here, and many are wondering what it will bring for the housing market. Even though the pandemic continues on, it’s certain to be very different from the spring we experienced at this time last year. Here’s what a few industry experts have to say about the housing market and how it will bloom this season.

Danielle Hale, Chief

“Despite early weakness, we expect to see new listings grow in March and April as they traditionally do heading into spring, and last year’s extraordinarily low new listings comparison point will mean year over year gains. One other potential bright spot for would-be homebuyers, new construction, which has risen at a year over year pace of 20% or more for the last few months, will provide additional for-sale inventory relief.”

Ali Wolf, Chief Economist, Zonda:

“Some people will feel comfortable listing their home during the first half of 2021. Others will want to wait until the vaccines are widely distributed. This suggests more inventory will be for sale in late 2021 and into the spring selling season in 2022.”

Freddie Mac:

“Since reaching a low point in January, mortgage rates have risen by more than 30 basis points… However, the rise in mortgage rates over the next couple of months is likely to be more muted in comparison to the last few weeks, and we expect a strong spring sales season.”

Mark Fleming, Chief Economist, First American:

“As the housing market heads into the spring home buying season, the ongoing supply and demand imbalance all but assures more house price growth…Many find it hard to believe, but housing is actually undervalued in most markets and the gap between house-buying power and sale prices indicates there’s room for further house price growth in the months to come.”

Bottom Line

The experts are very optimistic about the housing market right now. If you pressed pause on your real estate plans over the winter, let’s chat to determine how you can re-engage in the homebuying process this spring.